• More user friendly

    New skins, clearer icons, vidi printer with current news and important info. Over 300 hints and tips for both experienced and new players, updated tutorial, snapshot screen appears more often with more options and is user-configurable. Customisable bookmarks and keyboard shortcuts enable much quicker navigation around the interface. More sections are multi-core optimised and hyper-threaded to speed up the game and a high level of optimisation allows more active leagues in the game so more jobs become available across the world without slowing down the game. Fully caters for players with both the latest machines and those with older ones. Gives more info to the player than ever before, including better feedback from assistant managers, agents recommend positions for exchanging players in transfer deals and the option to back up saved games before a new one is saved has been added. Basic and advanced set up modes for starting a new game and adding a manager with easy to use wizards, the database editor is also easier and quicker to use and multiple database support has been added to reduce the hassle of adding database updates. Network games have now become a lot easier with more optimisation and the addition of screen ‘remembering’ making for greater game speed. Additionally there is the new challenge of starting with a randomly selected team – now done automatically as well as the ability to have dual nationalities.

  • Scouting improvements

    Now offers a much more realistic outlook on the football world, addition of a simple star rating system for current and potential ability allows you to quickly understand your scouts views on players – plus the addition of a scout report card which now includes personality info, their current happiness at the club, the kind of fee you’d need to pay to get them, and whether they are likely to join you and stay in the long term. Scouts have knowledge bases of certain areas so you need to give them the opportunity to learn about new areas or simply use them in areas where they are already experts. Scouting the next opposition is radically improved to give you some genuine tactical guidance. Finally - the board may choose to place a restriction on the amount of staff you can have to prevent cheating.


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