Marc Duffy

Kenny Dalglish

On a personal level nothing compares to the day my son was born.

Professionally there are many but a few highlights from my time at SI (in no particular order).

  • Watching Football Manager come (back) to life. A fantastic transition against the odds.
  • Getting FML to market and being involved in a subscription based service. That whole experience taught me and the FML team a great deal.
  • Releasing OOTP Baseball 2007, Metacritic’s “PC Game of the year” in 2007.
  • Eastside Hockey Manager. A game ahead of its time and before I’m gone from this world it must return.

Favourite SI Stories:

  • Eating around seven of Robson Browns Millionaire shortbreads in one day which is an office record.
  • Catching Pete Sottrel cheating in our office network game by having the database open and scouring it for new talent.
  • Beating Graeme Kelly at FIFA and snooker daily for the last eight years.
  • Developing and refining my “SI coder bullsh*t radar” which alerts me whenever I hear dodgy time estimates and technowaffle. Marc Vaughan often sets this alarm off when he returns from Miami. Andreas Tsiapis and Carey Hickling set this alarm off daily.
  • Watching Miles do a Kanchelskis “step on the ball” in the office and his subsequent fall from grace. We heard about this accident for weeks.
  • Witnessing Pete Sottrel’s amazing hairstyles and beards over the years. He’s gone from looking like Zach Galifianakis to David Beckham with Mohican. More recently he’s taken to looking like a farmer heading to market or member of the church. Very frumpy.
  • Listening to Marc Vaughan’s CD collection which includes B*witched and Savage Garden.