Sports Interactive are the world’s leading developer of football management simulations through its Football Manager series of games based in London, there are now over 100 full time people in the team.

The SI team is expanded by more than 1,300 researchers across the world whose research makes up the world largest football database, as well as a contracted QA team on-site, and over 100 offsite beta testers.

Brothers Paul & Oliver Collyer MBE’s released their first management game in 1992 before founding Sports Interactive in 1994. Oliver & Paul are both still at the studio now concentrating on their passion for programming, with the studio now led by Miles Jacobson OBE, who first worked with SI as a beta tester in 1994, and has held various roles at the studio both part-time and full-time. He was asked by Ov & Paul to become Managing Director of the studio in 2000.

Many of the team have been part of the studio for more than 10 years, alongside Ov, Paul & Miles, like Marc Vaughan, the lead on Football Manager Handheld, Marc Duffy who heads up the online operations at the studio and Mark Woodger who heads up the research & translation team.

The studio has had a lot of success over the years, both critically and commercially, with more weeks at no.1 in the UK PC chart than Madonna and U2 have managed in the albums chart between them and a string of awards from around the world. In June 2014, Football Manager 2014 broke the PC Chart record for the most weeks at number one (23) and went on to rack up more than 30 weeks at the top. Football Manager Mobile has also been a big success iOS and Android devices while Football Manager Touch is available on both PC as well as high-end iOS and Android tablets.

The studio is currently working hard on new iterations of the Football Manager, Football Manager Touch and Football Manager Mobile series 20+ years after the first football management release from Oliver and Paul.

We also have a dedicated team working on an online management game, Football Manager Online, which has been released in both South Korea and China. We also released Eastside Hockey Manager on Steam in December 2015 and continues to be developed by a team led by Risto Remes. Our R&D and tech teams are always working on new items and technology that will appear in future games, help the studio with future platforms or even become games in their own right.

Unlike most studios, there is no one at Sports Interactive with the specific job title of “designer”. Everyone at the studio is able to get involved in the design of our games, as well as having many active communities around the game who are constantly coming up with new ideas for our games, with one or two people responsible for deciding on which features go into each annual iteration on each project.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the team and would like to find out about jobs at Sports Interactive, please check out our Careers section.