Sports Interactive extends data partnership with SciSports for FM23

Sports Interactive extends data partnership with SciSports for FM23

Posted: Nov 10, 2022 by SI Admin

Sports Interactive extends its partnership with Dutch analaytics company SciSports

Sports Interactive is excited to continue its partnership with SciSports for our latest title, Football Manager 2023. 

The relationship, which started prior to the release of FM21, will continue to align players with the modern realities of an increasingly data-driven football landscape, bringing analytics to life and further extending the real-life experience for managers within the game.

After introducing metrics like Expected Goals (xG) in FM21 and then the Data Hub in FM22, FM23 includes several new statistics and visuals that provide players with more information on their squad’s abilities and insights to make tactical tweaks. 

Among the new additions is the Expected Assists (xA) metric, which is the likelihood that a given pass will become a goal assist.

Beyond this, the other new stats include open play key passes, open play crosses, progressive passes and physical data such as pressures and sprints.

All stats will now also have per 90 minutes views, allowing FM23 players to make better player comparisons and ensuring that the in-game resources are as close as possible to those available to real-life coaches and analysts around the world.

As a studio we’ve always been at the forefront of innovation within the gaming industry and we’re delighted to have the support of SciSports in this endeavour.