Social Feature Round Up – Week 1

August 23rd, 2013

Every Monday to Thursday in the lead up to the Beta release, we’re teasing FM14 features via Feature Roulette on the Football Manager and Miles Jacobson’s Twitter accounts.

Want to get involved? Simply tweet us a number between 1-1,000 and we’ll pick one at random and tweet the corresponding feature at approximately 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm or 5.30pm (GMT).

Here’s a round-up of all the features we’ve teased since announcement…

Thursday 15th August
Testimonials #FM14info

Friday 16th August
You can now apply for work permits for your own players without having to offer them a new contract #FM14info

Monday 19th August
- Director of Football suggests changing transfer values following unsuccessful attempts to sell #FM14info
- Going on pre-season tours abroad boost shirt sales #FM14info
- Position history graph when picking a team to manage #FM14info (See a screenshot here)
- TV money payment revamp #FM14info
- Insert value pop up when adding a player to "Unwanted List" #FM14info
- Improved details on MLS and A-League specific finance screens #FM14info
- Captain/Vice can be asked to help out a team mate having personal problems #FM14info
- Captains can be asked to determine the mood/togetherness of the dressing room to help you know when you should have a team meeting #FM14info
- Official Real Time Editor available as a paid download (cost tbc) for FM14 sim mode. #FM14info

Tuesday 20th August
- Ask a player to sack his agent #FM14info (See a screenshot here)
- Schedule to play at bigger stadium in some European cup competition if home stadium is too small #FM14info
- Viareggio Club World Football Tourament Coppa Carnevale now featured #FM14info
- Check contract details for players you've agreed future transfers for #FM14info
- Added MLS Waiver Draft in November #FM14info
- Can assign Assistant Manager to take control of training #FM14info
- Captains can be asked to resolve conflicts between two team mates. #FM14info
- FM Classic 2014 is coming to PlayStation Vita. Our 1st game to allow cross-save between home & handheld devices #FM14info

Wednesday 21st August
- Hyperlinks to division names in season summary #FM14info
- Fixture list includes potential opponets in next round of cup competition #FM14info
- Sort player and competition columns previously unavailable #FM14info
- Team records news item available at welcome meeting #FM14info
- Improved scouting assignments generating more reports #FM14info
- Define favourite formation when adding a new manager #FM14info (See a screenshot here
- Captains aren't always well behaved - so they can be reprimanded after poor behaviour & reminded that they should be a role model. #FM14info

Thursday 22nd August
- Where are they now available on transfer history #FM14info
- Difficulty rating for Challenges depending on what team you manage #FM14info
- Make players available for youth squads, as well as reserves #FM14info (See a screenshot here
- Leak interest in vacant position to press #FM14info
- Include all clauses and bonuses in transfer budget #FM14info
- Improved explanation of how Director of Football works in FM and FMC #FM14info
- You now have the ability to make a player on loan captain #FM14info
- Also, we’re pleased to announce our first Football Manager Friday video blog on the User Interface in FM14, take a look below: