Football Manager Touch 2016: OUT NOW

November 25th, 2015

Designed for those who prefer a more streamlined, faster-paced experience, Football Manager Touch 2016 is out now for select iPads and high-end Android tablets and, for the first time, as a standalone PC, Mac, Linux game.

Touch sits between Football Manager Mobile and the full management simulation, in that it focuses mainly on the core managerial duties whilst still delivering an ultra-realistic match day through the 3D match engine.

Touch puts you in charge of clubs from 137 leagues spread across 51 nations and, depending on your device, has a player and staff database of just under 200,000.  

All versions of Football Manager Touch (which is a single player experience) are 'cross-save' compatible with one another*, so careers can be saved to the Steam cloud and enjoyed both at home and away.

Previously known as Football Manager Classic, Football Manager Touch 2016 includes a host of new features and upgrades including:

Matchday Experience
Football Manager Touch 2016 offers enhanced tactical options, including set-piece planning and opposition instructions – all of which play out in the acclaimed Football Manager 3D match engine.

Create-A-Club Mode
Add your own club to the game using the 'Create-A-Club' option. Name your club, choose your colours and edit your squad to your heart’s content – even adding yourself and friends.

Match Analysis
For the first time, Prozone match analysis comes to Football Manager Touch 2016, allowing managers to fully analyse either their full team or individual players after the final whistle.

New Unlockables
Brand new unlockables reward you for progress in your career; ‘All Job Applications Accepted’ helps you get your foot in the door at a new club, while ‘Design a Son’ allows you to fully customise your own in-game offspring who will come through into your squad.

Opposition Instructions
Prepare your team for the match ahead by setting opposition instructions which tell your players how to treat certain members of the opposing team to limit their performance as much as possible.

Improved Screens
Football Manager Touch 2016 features a more intuitive virtual manager’s office, with redesigns to many key screens including manager home, transfer, contract, player and tactics screens.

And Much, Much More
Including fully updated player and squad details across the database of more than 600,000 players and staff and lots more new features and improvements to be announced in the coming weeks.

*Separate purchases of Football Manager Touch is required to use cross-save feature