Football Manager 14 Pre-Order Offer: Early access Beta

August 14th, 2013

What exactly is the FM 14 pre-order? Anyone who pre orders (or pre purchases) the game through a participating retail partner will be given a beta key which will allow early access to the game. The early access period will be around 2 weeks – so allowing people who pre-order to start playing the beta game two weeks before its actual release as a product. 

What do I get from my chosen retailer when I pre-order?
This will depend on where you pre order your copy of FM14. If you pre order in a participating store in person, you should be given an FM14 branded card, that will have a unique code printed on its reverse.
If you pre-order with a retailer on line, for a boxed copy to be delivered then you will be e mailed a code prior to the beta access going live. The time you receive the code may vary depending on the retailer, so please check with the retailer in question if you are unsure. 
If you pre-purchase a Digital Download version of the product then your code will also be sent to you electronically via e mail.

How will I know when I can access it?
We expect the early access to be available 2 weeks prior to the actual release date of the game. The best place is to check where you can keep up to date with both release date information, and information about the live date for early access. 

How do I access the beta?
To access the beta you will need the unique code received or sent to you electronically from the retail partner. All printed cards and emailed codes come with instructions on how to access the beta. You can also check at for instructions on access, but you will need your unique code and internet access in order to begin the install.  

How long does the beta code take to install?
This will very much depend on your internet connection speed. For example with an average speed of 2mb/s it should take 20 minutes. Please note however this is only a guide and it will vary. How much space will the beta code take up on my PC/Mac? Around 2gb of hard drive space will be required to install the beta code.

What happens when the game is released if I have pre ordered a boxed copy of the game?
When you collect / receive your boxed copy, you will need to install the game disc. You will be prompted to follow the on screen instructions which will require you to input the activation code that will be printed onto the game manual. Once the game disc is activated, it will recognise your beta game and will allow you to continue play from you left off in your beta game.  

What happens when the game is released if I have pre purchased the Digital Download version of the product?
Your game will automatically update from beta to final version on the launch day

When does the beta game finish?
The early access will be switched off on the Monday, following the games release. You will not be able to continue playing beyond this point unless you have installed the copy you pre ordered and activated it. 

What happens to my beta game post release?
Your beta game will remain as a saved game once the access is switched off. This means that you can continue it at any time if you install the copy of the game you pre ordered. You won’t be able to continue playing the beta from the Monday after release, but it will still be there as soon as you install and activate the copy you pre ordered. 

Can I save my beta game and carry on when install the full version?
Yes. See above answer. 

Can I play all game modes in the beta?
The career mode, and new Classic mode including Challenge mode will all be playable in the beta. However it is not the full and final version, so some elements will not be activated until you install the pre ordered copy. 

What if I change my mind and cancel my pre order?
If you cancel your pre-order and choose not to install a final version of FM14, then you will no longer have access to the game from the Monday following release.

What if my code for the beta doesn’t work?
If for some reason you encounter a problem when trying to access the beta, then as long as it’s when the beta has been opened (two weeks prior to the game launch) please contact

How long will I have to wait for the full game to download, following my beta install?
As with the beta install, this will depend on the speed of you internet connection so times will vary. We estimate an average install time from beta to complete game would be approx. 20 minutes.