EHM Update Now On Steam

June 18th, 2015

Eastside Hockey Manager version 15.6.0b is now available to download on Steam. 

To download the update, simply save your current game, quit EHM, then quit and restart Steam. Then launch the game as normal and this should start your update automatically.

If you have any technical issues or bugs following the update, raise them in the EHM:EA Bugs Forum.

Version number is 15.6.0b with IGE at v69 (no changes to the in-game engine in this update)

The update includes fixes for the following issues:

New features:
- Added Austrian league
Database Import changes for 2014 rules:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
- Added Austrian league
- Adjusted financial information for Austrian league and related nations
- Separate nation/league wage adjustment factors added for non-playing wages
- Added rule for Russian league to prevent loans between teams in the same league
Database Import changes for 2006 rules:
[apply to new games started with newly imported databases only]
Gameplay changes:
- More optimisation to prevent scheduling clashes with international dates in April
- Improved AI evaluation of players offered in trades who have only recently been acquired from free agency or waivers
- Fixed RFA filtering results in player search
- Tweaked AI for scoring candidates to trade when pushed against the cap
- Adjusted interest to join a club as assistant coach for staff with preferred job as assistant coach
- Adjusted minimum non-playing wages
- Adjusted minimum player budgets in relation to minimum expected wages
- Adjustments to AI manager shortlisting and signings to fill minimum rosters even at smaller clubs
- Adjustments to free agent contract demands when unsigned for a longer period of time
- Fixed affiliation skater/goalie limit check when sending players to affiliates
- Adjusted re-signing of star players in Russian league
- Removed unnecessary scouting update news item sent with next opponent scouting
- Improvements to AI cap management and long term roster planning
- Fixed waiver claims processing to also check human vacation options for shortlisted players only when on vacation
- Adjusted scoring of candidates for voting the best goaltender award

UI changes:
- Added "Cancel" button for select database dialog when starting a new game
- Updated the tutorial screen info for starting a new career game
- Adjusted UFA/RFA filter types in search filters dialog
- Fixed missing club logos on upcoming games on schedule snapshot panel on home screen
- Added 2nd nationality column to "Other" view on club roster screen
- Best goaltender voting screen now displays only the regular season statistics
- Added "Add Rights" option for Russian league trade screen

Other changes:
- Small layout changes to scout next opponent news
- Fixed staff history trade information for players traded whilst on loan
- Fixed players loaned back to previous teams in Europe from being recalled early in the season
- Finetuned contract demand strings for cases where wage demand was high due to player not wanting to sign