EHM Update Available Now

June 4th, 2015

The latest update for Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access is available now from Steam.

Version 15.5.0b includes the Russian league all-star game, and sees the addition of two new leagues; Czech division 1 &2 and the Norwegian league. 

Full changelist

New features

- Added Russian league all-star game
- Added Czech leagues 1 & 2
- Added Norwegian league
- Changed UK max players dressed limit from 20 to 22
- Adjusted max players dressed limits in Finnish leagues
- Fixes to various award types for the Finnish league
- Adjusted Russian finances and salary cap to better model the wage structures
- Reverted goalkeeper age limit for homegrown players in German league
- Fixed German affiliate assignment age limits for skaters and goalies (24/26 years and German players only)

Gameplay changes

- Trading enabled within Russian league, including use of cash in trades
- Adjusted minimum wage expectations for younger players mainly in European leagues
- Roster management view on club screen now respects any affiliation movement age limits
- Adjusted contract length demands for high wage players in their prime
- Adjusted trimming of reserve lists during the season and before drafts

UI changes

- Added overtime/shootout indicators to results on "Matchups" section in team comparison screen
- Added overtime/shootout indicators to "Last Meeting" result information on next game screen
- Pro rights expiry date now also listed on the Reserve List view on team roster screen
- Added overtime/shootout indicators to scorelines in league stages screen
- Player rights expected expiry date now displayed in player information panel with the related rights
- Added nation flags to world rankings screen
- Possible affiliate assignment limitations listed on league information screen under roster rules

Other changes

- Certain award types (most goals, most points) to track the award winning total and display it in the awards screen
- Config file option "TRANSFER_PLAYER_RIGHTS" now also supports moving/adding Russian league rights (extra_config.cfg)
- Fixes and expanded to some league/cup fate news items
- Fixed correct points total calculations for "Matchups" section in team comparison screen
- Adjusted updating of player rights expiry date when future transfers are agreed beyond initial rights expiry
- Fixed sorting by contract type in Reserve List view on team roster screen
- Fixed UK league 1 playoff games from processing into the overall table of the regular season 
- Some fixes to team names not showing up in a few rarer news items
- Fixed international tournament dates clashes in April sometimes delaying european league final games