EHM Official Data Packs

May 10th, 2016

We’ve teamed up with the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) to bring official packs for data, logos and faces to Eastside Hockey Manager, all of which are now available on Steam Workshop. Fans of Elite League teams can now take control like never before with an authentic EIHL feel. 

For those of you who don’t yet own Eastside Hockey Manager, you can get it now on Steam at an ice-cool 75% off until 6pm GMT on May 16th.

Be sure to make EHM the most important pick-up of the hockey off-season! 


How To Install Steam Workshop Files

1: Load up Steam and select Eastside Hockey Manager from your Games Library. Click the "Browse The Workshop" button just below your Friends list

2: Once in the Workshop, under the Eastside Hockey Manager logo, select where it says "Browse" and from the dropdown select "Collections".

3: Then, in the search bar to the right of this, type “UK Elite League Data” and hit Enter. This will bring up the UK Elite League Data collection, displaying (as below) three Steam Workshop items: the "UK Elite League Data Pack,” “UK Elite League Logo Pack” and “UK Elite League Player Facepack”. Click the "Subscribe to all" button and almost immediately your items will begin to download. 

You should be able to track the download’s progress at the bottom of your Steam window:

4: Once the download is complete, return to your Games Library and launch Eastside Hockey Manager as normal. When the start screen has loaded, select "New Career Game" and, when the "Choose Database" dialog pops up, select “UK Elite League Data Pack (2015) (Subscribed)” and press OK.

5: Continue to set up the game to your liking (you’ll notice the Elite Ice Hockey League now appears on the “Select League(s)” screen) and begin your career in the EIHL, complete with the official database, team logos, and player faces.