Eastside Hockey Manager is back!

March 26th, 2015

The world’s greatest hockey management simulation game makes a dramatic return

We’re delighted to announce that Eastside Hockey Manager has been woken from hibernation and is available to download and play now via Steam’s Early Access program.

Since it was last seen in 2007, a dedicated bunch of the Sports Interactive team have kept the hockey game alive in their spare time – and we think now is the right time to bring it back!

Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access has a fully rewritten database,with league structures, playing rules and transfer rules now defined in the game database rather than being fixed within the game. The player progression module has also been revamped and player roles have been introduced for the first time. The 2D engine has seen big changes to the physics engine which has drastically improved the defensive aspects of the game. Trade AI has seen improvements and there’s also improved support for retro databases, with players having the ability to import databases from thelast release, EHM 2007, with the option of using either the up-to-date league rules or a historical 2006 setup.

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