• Improved Match Engine

    massively update AI making the engine more realistic than ever.

  • A brand new skin

    giving the game a fresh and vibrant new look.

  • Improved Board Confidence

    a complete overhaul to allow the better visibility on how the board views your performance as well as providing feedback on any decisions made.

  • Improved coach and scout reports

    it is now possible to view scout reports for individual players from their profiles.

  • Assistant manager team reports

    you can now see what your assistant manager thinks of your team, and any suggested improvements he would make.

  • Unlockable managerial abilities

    Acquire new abilities as your reputation improves such as the ability to over-rule requests made by the board.

  • New player comparison screens

    compare players within your squad or with future transfer targets.

  • Player testimonial matches

    players now receive a testimonial game to reward loyalty and long-service to a club.

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