Product Monetisation Manager

Stratford (London)

Product Monetisation Manager

Business Planning/Analysis  

Location: Stratford (London), United Kingdom

Start Date: 6/03/2020
Closing Date: 6/04/2020

Salary: Competitive  

Position at Sports Interactive


We’re looking for an experienced  new team player who has commercial, analyst or finance background working with mobile games services/environments, ideally with an experience of mobile ad networks and mediation partners and awareness of Ad Tech.

Reporting to Communications Director and The Studio Director and working as part of a multi-discipline team including:

  • Product Development
  • Analysts 
  • Brand Management
  • Player acquisition Specialists

This is a key role for the studio tasked with maximising the effectiveness of game monetisation, events and assets while ensuring consideration for player experience. Key components of this role will be:

  • Balancing acquisition spending and revenue to optimise longer term profitability.
  • Balancing commercialisation by ads with player experience and value. 
  • Develop monetisation strategies that provide value to different audiences in different ways overtime. 
  • Propose and manage game pricing, bundle offers and sales
  • Selection of third-party partners ad-networks and mediation tools and overseeing the maximisation of revenue.
  • Input into forecasting, reporting requirements and analyst priorities to support publishers greenlight and financial approvals.

The successful candidate would be able to demonstrate at least 5 years’ experience leading monetisation strategies in a Studio environment

  • Product road mapping & optimisation approaches
  • Experience working with mobile game services/environments and in Live game operations Hard & Soft Launches/A&NB Testing etc.
  • Broad knowledge of the Free to Play (F2P) Mobile Game Economy: Understanding hard and soft currency and a strong understanding scouting mechanisms.
  • The design & Implementation of monetisation strategies & core mechanics.
  • Processing and commercial analysis of large complex data sets, KPI development, forecasting & dashboarding.
  • The ability to identify and implement various monetisation models.
  • The ability to identify and implement marketing led user acquisition strategies.
  • Comprehensive experience of mobile ad networks and mediation partners, interest in Ad Tech. 
  • Managing mobile ad networks
  • Demonstratable experience of inputting into game events and designs to optimise revenue performance
  • Global mobile market awareness
  • Experience of Monetising from different economies to vary features to different regions.
  • Awareness of local and regional buying behaviours.
  • Experience of partnering with Software Engineers to deliver monetisation strategies in a live service environment
  • Understanding and experience of mobile ad networks and mediation partners, interest in ad Tech.