FM15 Beta Now Available

October 23rd, 2014

For those of you that pre-ordered Football Manager 2015 from a participating retailer, you are now able play the Beta! As always, all your save games will carry on when you update to the full game on release. If you haven’t already pre-ordered, you can still pre-order FM15 now and be playing the Beta version straight away.

Instore pre-orders
If you pre-ordered in a participating store, you should have been given a unique Beta access code at point of pre-order. This may have been an FM15 branded card where the code would be printed on the reverse, or it may have been printed on your till receipt, or it may have been emailed to you after placing your pre-order.

Online pre-orders
If you pre-ordered online, for a boxed copy to be delivered, then you will have been emailed your code.

Digital pre-orders (Steam)
If you pre-ordered from Steam, then your Beta download should automatically start when you launch the game from your Steam Library.

Digital pre-orders (non-Steam)
If you pre-ordered a digital download, then your code will have been sent to you via email. As always, you will need to have downloaded Steam and created an account - if you haven't done that yet, you can download Steam now

Once you've launched and logged into Steam, follow these instructions:
1. On the top toolbar, click 'Games'
2. From the drop down, select 'Activate a Product on Steam'
3. Follow the instructions to input your code and install the FM15 Beta.

If your Beta code has gone walkabout or you haven’t received it, we recommend speaking to your retailer as a starting point. If they can’t resolve your issue then please contact SEGA customer services at with proof of purchase, and we’ll get you playing as quickly as we can!

Before you dive in and get familiar with the Beta, the last thing we’ll say is that this is not the finished article and certain aspects may well change ahead of FM15's full release on November 7th.