Football Manager Live Pre-Order FAQ

September 5th, 2008

1)    How do I pre-order Football Manager Live?
To be one of the first to play FML all you need to do is visit and log in with your Sega Pass email. Then simply pick a team name, gameworld and subscription and wait for your gameworld to begin!

2)    If you pre-order it today will you pay for it today?
No, the money will only be taken out of your account once your gameworld goes live.

3)    Why do you need my card details if I’m not paying?
As part of the pre-order process we take your details so that when the game is released we can automatically take the money and you can get playing and honing your management skills as soon as possible.

4)    What are the different subscriptions I can get?
There are 3 different FML subscriptions all offering a great price and varying savings:

3 Month Subscription: £22.99
6 Month Subscription: £ 43.99
12 Month Subscription: £72.99 Play uninterrupted FML for £6.08 month and save 20%!

The game is free to download and so are all the expansions and we won’t take the money from your account until the game goes live so visit and reserve your place in a gameworld now!

5)    Which email account do I use?
Use the same email address you have registered with Sega Pass. If you are already registered with Sega Pass simply enter the same details, if not you can register with Sega Pass in the FML pre-order section or visit

6)    Why do I need to be registered with Sega Pass?
Your Sega Pass login will also be your login to the FML client and will give you access to all the great Sega Pass features and exclusives.

7)    What do I do if I have technical problems while signing up?
Firstly check the FML knowledge base to see if your question is answered there ( If you still have problems then contact support for further help.

8)    Why has my billing account been blocked?
For security purposes if you enter incorrect login information several times your account will be temporarily locked, please contact support to reset your password.

9)    I am currently in a banned country when will I be able to play?
We are working to give everyone the chance to play Football Manager Live as soon as possible but at present do not know when this will be. We will notify you as soon as your country is available but please feel free to email us at if you have any further questions.

10)    How will I download the game?
Once the game is released you will be emailed with a link to download the game. This will have everything you need to get started and will be sent the moment your gameworld opens.

11)    When do the gameworlds start?
The first gameworld will start when the game is released, which will be in October. The other gameworlds will follow on in time. 

12)    How will I know when my gameworld is ready?
You will be emailed and there will be updates on the Football Manager Live website (

13)    What are the options available to enable us to play on the same GameWorld as our mates?
You can change gameworlds as many times as you like during pre-order, once live you will still be able to change albeit less frequently. To change gameworld during pre-order visit and click on ‘Account’. 

14)    What's the fee for gameworld transfer, if any?
There is no fee for gameworld transfer so you can play with whichever mates you like.

15)    Can I change team name?
No, once you have chosen your team name it is permanent. However if you have multiple subscriptions to the game you can use several different names and play with several teams.

Any further questions feel free to ask in the forums.