Social Feature Round Up – Week 7

October 4th, 2013

Every Monday to Thursday in the lead up to the Beta release, we’re teasing FM14 features via Feature Roulette on the Football Manager and Miles Jacobson’s Twitter accounts.

Want to get involved? Simply tweet us a number between 1-1,000 and we’ll pick one at random and tweet the corresponding feature at approximately 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm or 5.30pm (GMT).

Assign player role and duty when making a Quick Sub
Insert value pop up when adding a player to "Transfer Targets"
Competition panel for each continent split into 2 lists - domestic and other
"Player Wage Totals" as header for set of conditions in Finance Projection
Expand Transfer Offer Screen to include FPP information
Player related data relocated from "Information" subpanel to "Player" subpanel
Playoff specific team meetings

Draft dates section added to MLS rule screen
Additional foreigner limit for Turkic nations
During a match, clicking Team Name takes you to Squad page
Expanded information on contract expiry panel
Player Wage Projection added to 'Salary Projection' tab on Finance screen if team is relegated
Press conference question if increased wage budget request is granted/rejected by chairman
Can now talk to the press about players who are free agents - not just those at clubs
Can now talk to the press about players who are free agents - not just those at clubs

Train a player's weaker foot
Improved set up of pre-season tours. Screenshot.
Game speed information added to League selection screen in FMC
More details to finance screen in FMC
Specific 'Last match' conversations for goalkeepers
Updated rules for over age players between 21 and 23 in Scottish U20 leagues
Option to have overall transfer control for B & C teams

Expand ex-player's pre-match comments for derby/rival matches: Screenshot.
Updated CA guidelines to reflect league strength #FM14info
B team reports
Further season summary details
Flashing Continue button in Network games
Expand ex-player's pre-match comments praising the manager for a good run of form
English U21 league now in gam

News items bias more towards form, rather than reputation