Patch 10.3.0 out now!

March 1st, 2010

Sports Interactive and SEGA are delighted to announce a free data update for Football Manager 2010 has been released for the PC and Mac. The data update includes all transfers and management movements up to and including the January transfer window, as well as the 10.3 patch for the game, which will be the final update.

The data update is applicable for any new game started, with the 10.3 patch working retrospectively with saved games from previous versions of the game, or with newly started games. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you are running via Steam it will AUTO-PATCH. Patching your game via the links below will corrupt your game and you will have to re-install.

However, for those that wish to manually download the patch you can use the buttons found in the patches section of the FM10 website:

Download Now

In order to spread out the traffic and keep the downloads as quick as possible, we have also provided several other options for accessing this latest patch:


FM2010 Retail Boxed (Patch) - PC

FM2010 Digital eSellerate (Patch) - PC


FM2010 Retail Boxed (Patch) - Mac

FM2010 Digital eSellerate (Patch) - Mac

FM2010 Digital eSellerate (Full) - Mac

If you need any help installing your patch you can get this at the Online Manual and Help Centre. As well as the whole manual, you’ll also find a FAQ section, tutorial videos, information on how to set up network games and game guides written by FM players for FM players!