Miles' Trip with Warchild

June 15th, 2011

You may, or may not, know that Sports Interactive has been supporting the charity Warchild now for many years. Every time one of you has bought a copy of Football Manager on PC, Mac or PSP we've donated a percentage of the price to Warchild raising over £600,000 in the process.

For those not familiar with Warchild; their sole premise is that no child should be affected by war. Unfortunately, this is still not the case, but the work they are doing is providing incredibly valuable to those that still are. You can find out more about Warchild by visiting their website:

A few months ago, Miles Jacobson, the Studio Director here at SI, was asked to go on a trip with Warchild so that he could see some of the work that these donations have helped fund. He leaves for this trip in the next few days and will be regularly recording his journey via a blog (when electricity and a net connection allow) which can be found at  

If you have a spare few moments over the next couple of weeks, please do check it out (the first post going into more detail about Warchild, where he’s going and what he's going to be doing is already up) and learn a bit more about this amazing charity which you help support every time you buy a copy of Football Manager.