Get 50% off FM13!

March 7th, 2013

For those of you not yet playing FM13, a few digital retailers have special offers happening for a few days offering 50% off if you buy through them:

7th – 9th March: (Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand only)
7th – 11th March: (Worldwide)

Football Manager 2013 marks a seismic shift in the development of the best-selling series.

In addition to offering an array of improvements and enhancements over its predecessors, the new release also incorporates a series of radical changes and new game modes which, for some, will revolutionise the way the game is played.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of these is the introduction of the all-new Classic mode… or 'FMC' as it’s become known within Sports Interactive. FMC offers, for the first time in Football Manager's long and successful history, an alternative, less time-consuming way for players to approach the game. The new mode simplifies the way players manage their club and allows them to focus on the nuts and bolts of taking their team to the top.

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