Technical Artist

London, United Kingdom
Reporting to: 
Neil Dejyothin, Grant Appleyard

Company Overview

Sports Interactive (SI) is the world’s leading developer of football management simulations through its Football Manager series of games. Founded in 1994 and now based in East London's booming technology hub of Old Street, SI, as a continually successful and profitable company, is now looking to expand its full-time staff as it pushes out across both existing and emerging gaming platforms.

SI’s games have enjoyed an unparalleled history of commercial and critical success, with 12 of its creations among the UK's Top 20 fastest-selling PC games of all time and five in the UK’s top 20 best-selling PC games of all time. Sports Interactive became a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA in 2006.

The studio is a vibrant environment, full of talented and dedicated people with drive, passion and creativity, who enjoy working within a close-knit team as part of a lively, self-motivated and forward-thinking company. Sports Interactive looks after its staff’s well-being with free gym membership, in-house massage therapy, a leading benefits package and a flexible working schedule that make the studio a relaxed and friendly place to work. The company also arranges regular team social events and is very proud of having one of the lowest turnovers of staff in the industry.

Further information on Sports Interactive and its games is available from the SI website,

Key Responsibilities

  • Liaise closely with artists and engineering team to define workflows
  • Ensure assets are accurate, efficient and meet all established standards across numerous platforms
  • Develop scripts and plug-ins to expedite artists' workflows
  • Identify, debug and assist with fixing art issues within the Graphics Engine
  • Contribute significantly in all art team creative, technical and planning discussions
  • Involved with modelling and texturing assets for environment and characters with a strong focus on texturing for PBR

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Excellent knowledge of 3d packages, such as 3d Studio Max, Maya, Motion Builder
  • Excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Proven experience with scripting languages, such as Maxscript; Mel; Python
  • Previous experience with PBR based workflows
  • Previous experience creating art assets for games (either professionally or within a gaming community)
  • Understanding of lighting materials and how they behave in the real world and how this applies in game
  • Understanding of effective asset creation and optimisation
  • Understanding of art/animation game pipeline workflows and texturing tools
  • Understanding of character setup, including rigging and skinning
  • Ability to explain and document technical solutions
  • Good communication skills and an abilty to work with others to solve issues

Desirable but not essential

  • Experience or interest in architecture, interior or industrial design
  • Experience working on PC or console games

This job description is an accurate reflection of the duties and responsibilities of the post as at the time of writing but will be changed from time to time as the job is a career development job which will be adjusted according to the progress of the job holder.  It does not form part of the contract of employment.